Sunday, September 26

With the Cooperation of the Polyphony Foundation

14:30 Leah Rabin Hall

“Eldrawish” A Breathtaking Musical Journey into the World of the Sufis, the Mystical Branch of Islam

Eldrawish Music Ensemble of the Galilee

Via Sufi music and dance, the Eldrawish Ensemble guides the audience members on an internal journey, opening their hearts and enabling them to feel and embrace themselves.
This is journey to the soul, a linking up with the Creator, leaving behind the world of jealousy and hate to enter a world full of love and purity.
The members of the Eldrawish Music Ensemble are Sufi holy men and artists from the Galilee:

Khaled Abu Ali – Sufi dance
Sheikh Mwafak Shahen – Sufi singer
Mohammed Taraby – Oud
Usama Abu Ali – Flute
Wehab Bdarna – Qanun
Abrahem Hana – Percussion

· 140 Shekels
· 85 Soldier / Student – Tickets Purchase by phone

17:30 Leah Rabin Hall

“Nostalgia and Memories”

Music with a French Fragrance

A concert with a 20th-Century European ambience: French chansons, Arab poetry composed by pianist Saleem Abboud Ashkar in the spirit of the era, songs in French, Arabic and Hebrew.
Nour Darwish – Soprano
String quartet (Arab and Jewish members of the Galilee Chamber Orchestra)

Claude Debussy Romance
Claude Debussy Images livre I: Reflets dans l’eau (Piano)
Gabriel Fauré Clair de lune
Gabriel Fauré Mandoline
Gabriel Fauré Chanson d’Amour
Henri Dupark Chanson triste
Maurice Ravel Pavane pour une infante défunte (Piano)
Alexander Scriabin Sonata no.4 in F sharp major op.30 (Piano)
Schubert Forell quintet 4th momemnet – Andantino – Allegro
Saleem Aboud Ashkar – Songs for sopran and string quartet-
1. The Wind is knocking on the Door
2. Old story
3. Oh, you visitor
4. I, Josef, oh mu Father
5. Three short songs: “Is it possible”, “Steps”, “Emptiness”
Kurt Weill Youkali

· 140 Shekels
· 85 Soldier / Student – Tickets Purchase by phone

20:30 Leah Rabin Hall

“Stabat Mater”

The Galilee Chamber Orchestra Saleem Abboud Ashkar, Conductor

The final concert of the festival will be performed by the Galilee Orchestra which is comprised of 36 Jewish and Arab musicians.The conductor and internationally renowned pianist Saleem Abboud Ashkar, born in Nazareth, will come straight from Berlin as a guest of the festival to conduct this concert. The festival audience will have the opportunity to hear a fascinating performance of the masterpieces of Pergolesi and Haydn, just before the orchestra embarks on a tour with this program at the Carnegie Hall in New York.

Concert Program

Franz Joseph Haydn Symphony No. 59 in A major “Fire”
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi Stabat Mater

· 140 Shekels
· 85 Soldier / Student – Tickets Purchase by phone